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Zhongyi Intelligent Center

Zhongyi Intelligent Center is the Headquarters Building of Zhongyi Group.It covers an area of 4066.8 square meters, with a construction area of approximately 39,913 square meters and a total building height of 98.3 meters.

Dynamic, curvilinear, fluent and bionic are the trend of home design in the future. The streamlined design of Zhongyi Intelligent Building can be displayed in a perfect posture regardless of any angle. In the square block building group, it stands out as a coastal landscape building, and its application of new energy-saving technology highlights the flavour of the era and the charm of science and technology of the future, Interpretate Shenzhen's vibrant and vigorous innovation force, has become the “stage center” that Shenzhen has shown to the world.

Intelligent Office

"Intelligent Center" is a new intelligent office building of Zhongyi headquarters, integrating advanced office facilities, intelligent product display, leading technology research and development center, etc. Green space garden, the enterprise exhibition hall, the enterprise R & D area, the enterprise club area and so on will be planned and designed in the building, 3D printing, an intelligent robot will also be introduced,building the Museum of home history development.The 4 floors of the underground are all designed as parking garage and equipment rooms to meet the parking needs of more than 20,000 square meters of office space.

Advanced Technology

In order to ensure green and intelligent,the"Intelligent center"integrates 24 basic technologies and 8 bright spot technologies into the construction, such as solar power generation system, intelligent building technology, high efficiency air conditioning, rainwater recovery system, green shared space building, outer sun shading, sponge community and so on, Practicing the green concept of Zhongyi from all factors.After completion,it can reach the three-star standard of national green building.The indoor environmental noise is controlled within 90% of the international standard.The indoor air age reaches the international leading standard. More than 70% of the office area can enjoy the sunshine.

24 basic technologies8 bright spot technologies

Integrates power system and technology

Practicing the green concept of Zhongyi

“Zhongyi Intelligent Center”

Geographical Advantage

Zhongyi Intelligent Center has a good location and transportation,located in the northeast side of the intersection of Jiaan South Road and Jinke Road in the central area of Shenzhen Baoan, bordering to the Qianhai Bay, adjacent to the Yanjiang Expressway, connected to the municipal green space, with three subway lines running through,and within 15 minutes to Baoan International Airport. At the same time,five-star hotels,Baoan Library,Mangrove Plank Road, underground commercial street,and with Baoan Binhai Cultural Park and Tencent Building under preparing for construction, will jointly build a diversified business circle integrating business and leisure,forming the greatest CPD of Baoan district in term of landscape value and economic value.

Intelligent center, the soul of Zhongyi! Zhongyi Group will take the“Intelligent Center”as its fulcrum,innovate and develop,rapidly take off,expand to the worldwide,and realize the internationalization strategy with large strides.

Supporting Facilities

The Intelligent Center has 3660 square meters of green service facilities, and the green coverage rate is as high as 50%, 100 public parking spaces are provided free of charge. It is the perfect public space of the city.The streamlined S-shaped space plan, in the high-rise commercial buildings close to 100 meters, the narrow "green belt" is more like the "green valley" in the city.The rich scenery and observation angle bring endless changes to the office life and provide a rest place for the rest of the work.

  1. 3360

    Green service facilities

  2. 50%

    Green coverage rate

  3. 100space

    Free public parking spaces