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2001-To date

Start-up ,Refined decoration opens the market

Founded in March 2001, Zhongyi has an office area of only 47 square meters,a factory area of 500 square meters,and a staff of only 40 people. With advanced equipment and strong business capabilities,it has undertaken several refined decoration home cabinet supporting projects in Shenzhen, gradually opened the refined decoration home cabinet supporting market, opended up a new journey for Zhongyi to enter the refined decoration home cabinet supporting market.



Rapid development stage, overall home decoration layout nationwide

After 2004, Zhongyi entered a period of rapid development and achieved good reputation and development prospects in the industry. After 2006, it signed strategic cooperation agreements with Vanke Group, Country Garden Group, Poly Group and other large real estate developers to expand electrical appliances, wardrobes and interiors door, storage and other overall home decoration business. Since 2009,Dongguan Industrial Park start to operate, Zhongyi Beijing branch, Zhongyi Shanghai household goods company and Zhongyi Tianjin branch have been set up successively. Zhongyi group began to layout the national market, forming the three major markets including the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta and the Bohai Bay, at the same time start entering Great Central Plains, Great Northeast, Great Northwest, Great Southwest, and other places. In 2012, Zhongyi gradually improved the national market supply and sales service system, formed three industrial park bases and six major sales regional industrial clusters,met the national market demand in the household products and developed into a leading enterprise in the domestic household industry.



Industry upgrade ,smart home leads industry pioneer

In the era of intelligent interconnection, Zhongyi follow the trend of the times, actively introduce the concept of "Internet +", and form strategic partnerships with leading edge intelligent technology companies at home and abroad,introduce overseas advanced technology to establish a integrated data center, research and develop smart home control system, to achieve home automation and personalized home customization, break the various barriers to furniture customization, release customers' inspiration for furniture customization, open up new consumption patterns, create a favorite smart home system, starting a intelligent era of home experience



Upgrading and transformation, industrial integration, building an intelligent community

Transformation in innovation, Zhongyi are committed to the R&D and innovation of the home networking system, realizing cross-border cooperation and win-win relationship between the home industry and other industries, thereby promoting intelligent industrialization, residential industrialization, high-speed rail supporting industrialization, the integration of new industries such as healthy pension industry,medical care and green, to create a smart life that is convenient, fast and intelligent. With the corporate philosophy of technological innovation and development to strengthen the competitive advantage, Zhongyi continue to forge ahead on the road of upgrading, and strive to create a world-renowned "national brand".