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Zhongyi Smart Home

Founded in 2001, Zhongyi is a modern large-scale enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of whole home, smart home, electrical appliances, family high-end cabinets, wardrobes, bathroom cabinets, entrance doors and interior doors.

Starting from the 47 square meter office and 500 square meter factory, Zhongyi has experienced more than ten years of development. Now it has Liaoning, Beijing production base and more than 50 branches throughout the country. Zhongyi Group has a series of products under the respective affiliated company, including “Zhongyi Technology”、”Zhongyi Intelligence”、”zhongyi cabinet”、”Zhongyi electric appliance”、”Zhongyi Wooden Door”、”Zhongyi Flooring” etc.

  1. Time to set up

  2. Three production bases

  3. The German Industry 4.0

  4. The national standard

In 2016, Construction of “Zhongyi Intelligent Building” officially started, it is a new type of intelligent office headquarters with advanced office facilities, intelligent product display, leading technology research and development center. The building contains 24 basic technologies, 8 featured highlight technologies, and the Italian design is adopted for decoration. After completion, it can reach three-star of the national green building standard. The indoor environmental noise is controlled within 90% of the international standard, and the indoor air age reaches the international leading standard, more than 70% of the office area can enjoy the sun.

company philosophy:

Adhering to the corporate philosophy of "survive by quality, develop by reputation", the company has established an excellent brand image and reputation in the fierce market competition. It has successively won the "China Famous Brand", "Guangdong Famous Trademark" and "Shenzhen Old Brand". ""Shenzhen famous brand", "The 14th (2015) Shenzhen Enterprise Innovation Record", "Cabinet Industry Engineering Supporting Leading Enterprise", "China's Cabinet Industry's Most Brand Value Enterprise" and many other honors.

In the future, Zhongyi will jump from Intelligent home to home networking system, realize cross-border cooperation and win-win relationship between home industry and other industries, and develop new industries such as intelligent industrialization, residential industrialization, high-speed railway supporting, healthy pension industry, medical care and green. . Strengthening the competitive advantage with the corporate concept of technological innovation and development, and creating a world-renowned “national brand”.

Social responsipibility

Public welfare is not only in heart but also in action.At the same time of development,Zhongyi have always adhered to the corporate creed of developing enterprises,dedicating love,and being responsible enterprises,practicing social responsibility.In recent years,Zhongyi has donated approximate 100 million yuan of the amount of funds to the Charities and individuals including Hangzhou Municipal Education Foundation,the China Red Ribbon Foundation, the International Exchange and Cooperation Foundation,the Guangdong Education Foundation, the Hangzhou West Lake Education Foundation.

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