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One Centre

After more than ten years of rapid development, Zhongyi group has become a leading enterprise in home industry. With a Zhongyi Smart Centre building in Shenzhen and three production bases in Beijing, Guangdong and Liaoning, its production scale has ranked top in domestic market of China. A powerful industry network has been formed with more than 50 branches and offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Harbin, Xian, etc.

In 2016, Zhongyi intelligent building project was started. When the construction is done, the building will be a new multifunctional intelligent head offices, a combination of advanced offices, exhibitions of intelligent products and advanced technology R & D centre, with a Ⅲ start National green building standard.

Zhongyi Industrial parks

Liaoning Intelligent Industrial

Liaoning Zhongyi intelligent industrial park was build in 2015, with a stretch of 220,000 ㎡. It’s the most advanced intelligent and technology park of the company. 


Dongguan Industrial park

Dongguan Zhongyi Industrial park is the biggest home furniture production base in southern China, with a stretch of 100,000㎡,its mature technology and rich production experience are well-known in the industry.


Internationalization strategy

             BeiJing              LiaoNing              DongGuan              American              Brazil              Thailand,Malaysia              Singapore              Hong Kong              Australia              ShenZhen              South Korea


地址:北京市通州区漷县开发区鑫隅三街                电话:010-80557681

Liaoning Zhongyi Intelligent Industrial Park

Address:Zhongyi intelligent technology industrial park ,No.62,Qingzhou Street,Sujiatun District,Shenyang     Phone Number:024-29808299

Dongguan Zhongyi Industrial park

Address:Zhongyi industrial park,No.6,Luyi Road,Tangxia Town,Dongguan             Phone Number:769-8206 1888

Depending on its all-round industry system and high-efficient industrial chain, Zhongyi group are expanding overseas market and building an international sales network rapidly by information collection, market exploring, prophase investigation, contacting potential buyers, etc. With the development of overseas markets, Zhongyi group has successfully entered into Hongkong, Marco and Taiwan and has build a design cooperation centre. Asia countries, like Korea, Janpan, South Korea, has become export markets of the company. By keeping with the Nation development strategy and the One Belt and One Road initiative, Zhongyi group has also build up a long-term business relationship with customers in ASEAN countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Singapore. The company has also successfully entered into markets in developed countries and districts, like Europe, the US, Australia,etc. To provide better sales service, the company has build up an overseas date R & D centre and a technical support team abroad, which makes overseas service localized.

Withe the development of internationalization strategy, the competence of Zhongyi group has been greatly enhanced. In 2017, its products have been exported to many countries and districts all over the world and hence its international reputation and influence is growing rapidly. In the near future, Zhongyi group will accelerate its internationalization strategy and do its best to make Zhongyi, a national brand, to be global well-known.